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Art for your head!

Adventures of Miss Tickle

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Trying on Hats saved my life...

Claudia Bratton

Years ago, I was in the broadcast business and I had managed to schedule an appointment with two media buyers in Los Angeles.  I was driving from Santa Barbara and it should have been about an hour and a half long  trip, I left early to allow two and half hours.  The freeways were totally jammed and inching along.  I decided to go side streets as I grew up in LA and knew them well.  Every side street was filled with traffic; it was total grid lock.  I saw a phone booth, these glass boxes that we used before cellphones so I pulled into the gas station to use it.  But it was dead.  That is when I learned that there was a major power outage in LA and because the signals were out everything was coming to a near stop.  I finally arrived for my appointment and was promptly told that since I was late, they would not see me that day.  To say the least, I was furious.  I knew better than to get back into my car and start driving.  Bullocks Wilshire, a very upscale department store, was across the street.  I decided to go there to “cool down”.  They had one of the greatest hat departments… so I went there and started trying on hats.  The sales girl was so nice and kept bringing me more to try on.  Maybe it was 30 minutes but it saved me as I walked out of there with such a happy feeling, a big smile and no hat and drove back to Santa Barbara.  

My newest model "Terry"

Claudia Bratton

Most of the mannequin heads have strange faces. I had been looking for one that would be more pleasing and when I was in Kansas City, Missouri, recently and visited  River Market Antiques as they have amazing things for sale on four floors.  I found “Terry” and purchased  her along with a new antique feather hat that I want to add some pheasant feathers and net to before I sell it.  I think Terry is from the 60’s or  70’s as her pink lipstick was very popular then.  If I wore that shade of lipstick and my father saw it he would offer to give me money to buy a different shade of lipstick.  He hated that atomic pink lipstick shade… But Terry has some spunk to her so she and Bun Bun will be my models for hats now.  Terry kind of seems like a cheer leader too!